Lifelong Sharpening of the Axes (Saws)

Strategic Suggestion 1: Invest into your production capacity, don’t just exploit your current production.

Strategic Suggestion 2: Diversify your knowledge portfolio to gain security and enjoy your ride too.

Strategic Suggestion 3: Internalize the compounding effect of learning.

Tactic Challenge 1: How do you learn best?

Tactic Challenge 2: What should you learn?

Tactic Challenge 3: What are nice sources of learning?



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🇩🇪 Bastian Platz🖖

🇩🇪 Bastian Platz🖖

💎 INTJ, Modern Polymath, Ideator, Geek, German, Bookworm & Writer 💻 Coding for 20+ years 🏛 I enjoy tech, science & philosophy 📡 Envision, then explore